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Breathe ... inhale all that you need and exhale all that you no longer need

  • How are counseling sessions provided?
    Counseling sessions are done in a private and secure video session between you and your assigned therapist. Because it is via telehealth, there is no actual office for you to drive to. Your therapist uses a platform called Simple Practice to perform these secure video sessions. Through this platform you are also able to message your therapist, make payments and schedule appointments. If you have further quesitons on how to connect with your therapist via the platform, please contact your therapist.
  • What can I expect on my first counseling session?
    The purpose of the first session is understanding. We want to better understand what's going on for you and what you hope to get out of counseling. And of course, there are some logistical stuff as well such as going over intake forms, consents and such. You'll also be searching for greater understanding of your therapist as well. Does this therapist fit my needs? Can she help me? Am I willing and open to give this a try beyond the first session? The initial consultation is a free session (up to 30 mins) so you can give counseling a try without any risk. If we both feel we are a good match then we can schedule our next session! If not, Your therapist will be sure to provide you with some referrals so you may continue your search to find your therapist that fits your needs best.
  • Can I talk to someone to see if counseling services with Exhale Therapy Hawaii would be appropriate for me?
    Certainly! Please feel free to call us at (808) 664-0638 or click on the book now tab in the menu to schedule a free inquiry consultation call. Also, as a reminder, Exhale Therapy Hawaii LLC services are not emergency services. If you feel that you at risk for harm to yourself or others, please be sure to call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room for immediate assistance.
  • What is discussed during the inquiry consultation call?
    The purpose of the inquiry consultation call is understanding. We want to better understand what's going on for you and what you hope to get out of counseling. We will answer any questions you may have pertaining to services, scheduling, client portal, etc. We will also share about Exhale Therapy Hawaii, the therapists, and how we may be able to help you. If we are not a good fit for you, we will provide you with addtional referrals to support you in finding the support you deserve. The call is typically done by one of Exhale Therapy Hawaii's assistants and not a therapist. She will do her best to answer all of your questions. If she is unable to, she will be sure to support you in connecting you with someone who is able to or contact you back with the answers. Calls are about 15 minutes long and is available to you as an added support to answer your questions and to begin the intake process.
  • Do you have experience in working with someone with concerns like mine?
    We have experience in helping individuals, couples and families with concerns related to: -Coping with life changes -Stress -Anxiety -Relationship issues -Family conflicts -Parenting issues -Infertility Issues -Trauma and abuse -Grief -Self-esteem -Career difficulties -Depressed mood -Compassion fatigue -Caregiver fatigue -ADHD -Autsim -Adults and Teens with Special Needs -Other If you would like to ask specific questions related to your personal experiences, please feel free to contact us at (808) 664-0638 or schedule a free inquiry consultation call via the book now tab in the menu.
  • What are the fees for counseling services?
    Here are our current counseling service fees: $125-200 for a 50 minute individual/child & adolescent counseling session $200 for a 50 minute couple/family session *Currently, we are accepting HMSA, HMAA, and UHA for medical insurance payments. Unfortunately, we are not able to take Quest insurance at this time. We also do not accept Blue Cross Blue Shield from other states.
  • Do you accept health insurance?
    As of right now, we are accepting the following: -Hawaii Medical Service Association (HMSA) -Hawaii Medical Assurance Association (HMAA) -University Heath Alliance (UHA) Unfortuantely, we are not able to take Quest insurance at this time. Applications for credentialing with other medical insurance providers are still pending. I will keep this site up to date as I become available to accept more insurance coverage. We do not accept Blue Cross Blue Shield from other states. We also accept private payment for counseling services. Our fees are: $$125-150 per a 50 minute individual session $200 per a 50 minute couples/family session
  • Why is it NOT appropriate to seek out treatment from Exhale Therapy Hawaii when experiencing a crisis/emergency?
    Exhale Therapy Hawaii, LLC is not equipped to provide emergency/crisis services. If you are experiencing a crisis (including but not limited to: thoughts of harming oneself or others, severe depression, schizophrenia, delusions, etc.) you should contact local emergency services. This may include contacting the Crisis Line of Hawaii at 832-3100 (Oahu) and toll-free at 1-800-753-6879 (for neighbor islands). If you are experiencing an emergency or believe you are an immediate danger to yourself and/or others, please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.
  • What if after starting counseling services, I don't find that I am a good match with my therapist?"
    Finding the right fit for YOURSELF is the most important thing! If you feel you and your therapist are not a good match or that a different therapist would be more beneficial for any reason please share that with us. We will be more than happy to have a discussion with you to see if we can remedy the situation or provide you with additional counseling referrals. We will not be offended if you request to terminate services. :) You need to do what feels right for you! We do not accept clients whose needs are beyond our clinical expertise and experience. Also, if at any point during the course of treatment, we assess that we are not effective in helping you reach your therapeutic goals, we are obliged to discuss this with you and services may be terminated. In such cases, we would give you a number of referrals that may be of help to you.
  • Does Exhale Therapy Hawaii, LLC serve all of Hawaii?"
    Yes! It doesn't matter if you live on the Big Island, Kauai or anywhere in between! We cover all of Hawaii.
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